Exercise Programmes in Nursing Homes

Tadhg Daly TDaly@nhi.ie

18:18 (13 hours ago)

to me, williamtormey, Jackie.McCorma., Emma

Dear Dr Tormey,

Tadhg Daly here from Nursing Homes Ireland, the representative
organisation for the private and voluntary nursing home sector

I understand that you raised the issue of an exercise programme for
nursing homes at a recent HSE, DNE Regional Health Forum.

As the representative organisation for the Private and Voluntary
nursing home sector NHI has over the last number of years worked
closely with Waterford Institute of Technology, among others, on the
provision of a qualification in activity on care training. Indeed INHO
as one of the forerunners of NHI was one of the organisations that
supported the establishment of the programme in 2006 and ensured that
members were aware of and supported the programme. I have attached
specific information on the ACT programme for information

NHI and individual members continues to support such programmes to
ensure a holistic quality of life for nursing home residents.

As an organisation we run the NHI Annual Care Awards, there are a
total of 9 awards including an award for the Activities co-ordinator

This year for 2012 we have renamed this award to the “The NHI Nursing
Home Social and Recreational Programme Award”

This award is open to all NHI nursing homes that have a ‘social and
recreational programme’ (activities programme) in place. Individuals
and teams can be nominated. The award is established to celebrate the
work that is undertaken in nursing homes to maximise the potential of
residents and others significant to them to participate in meaningful
and person-centred programmes of social and recreational activities.
Whilst facilitating and coordinating these programmes is often the
remit of the ‘activities coordinator’, effective programmes are an
integrated part of the life of the home and an integrated part of
everyone’s role who works in the nursing home.
Candidates will be required to demonstrate how the social and
recreational programme in the nursing home contributes to care
excellence and how the work has a demonstrable benefit in contributing
to a culture of person-centredness in the nursing home.

If I can be of any further assistance do not hesitate to contact me

Kind regards

Tadhg Daly