The GP – HSE row in the Northeast.

Is the HSE NorthEast concerned by threatened mass withdrawal by GPs
in the region from local primary care teams (PCTs)? Is there a
contingency plan to address the deficit or are there any actions being
undertaken to address the GP’s concerns?

A Primary Care Team (PCT) is a team of health professionals who work
closely together to meet the needs of the people living in the
community. They provide a single point of contact to the health
system for the person. These professionals include GPs, public health
nurses, community registered nurses, occupational therapists,
physiotherapists and home help/support staff. The PCT also link with
other community-based disciplines to ensure all health and social
needs are provided for: These include: speech and language therapy,
dieticians, mental health services, counsellor/psychologists,
podiatry, social work, dental and ophthalmic services.

The action proposed means that GPs will not participate in the PCT’s
and their regular clinical team meetings.

Multidisciplinary care planning will continue albeit without GP input
and clinical team meetings will continue. It is envisaged that GP’s
will continue to refer their patients to the PCT’s and all those
patients will be seen as previously. There will be no impact on the
patients ability to access a service.

In the North East (Cavan/Monaghan, Louth and Meath) GPs have to date
been participating in 24 PCTs. There are a further 15 PCTs that GPs
have yet to join.

Action- We have to offer a solution through the elected people in the
area by hearing what the problems are in detail first.