Bundoran for a wild weekend ! The heavies watching should have been questioned for pimping.

Prostitutes advertise with leaflets on streets

By Paddy Clancy

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prostitutes have been blatantly handing out leaflets selling their
services in a seaside resort.

They don’t even have a brothel or home of their own to accommodate
their customers.

They were offering their services in clients’ own homes or in their cars.

Three women walked the streets of Bundoran, Co Donegal, on Monday,
handing out misspelled leaflets offering full body massages. They
stopped men outside shops at lunchtime and handed them copies of the
flier with a mobile phone number.

One man, who refused to be named, said the girl who handed him the
leaflet said: “Call me if you want a good time.” He said when he
phoned from a kiosk “for the craic” a girl told him the fee would be
€150 for “whatever I want”.

Gardaí were told that townsfolk said the women, who were foreign and
probably from eastern Europe, were followed at a discreet distance by
three squat and heavyset men who were suspected of being pimps.

Calls yesterday to the number were answered by a woman who spoke in
broken English and offered full body massage for €200. She didn’t
elaborate on what exact services she was offering. She agreed under
negotiation to do it for €150, but when pressed to say where and when
all she could say, although it was pouring rain, was “on the beach”.

Garda Inspector Denis Joyce in Ballyshannon said they were aware of
Monday’s incident and the movements of the women and the men with them
was still under investigation.