Cavan Monaghan Hospital Group

HSE Cavan & Monaghan are progressing a number of service developments
and infrastructural improvements across County Cavan. This follows on
from previous developments in 2011 that included an expansion of the
Renal Dialysis accommodation in Cavan General Hospital and also an
expansion of the Psychiatric Service accommodation on the same site.

Many of these service developments have come about in a context of
reducing resources, both financial and staffing numbers, and
increasing demands for service provision.

Further developments are pending and planned for 2012. These include:
·        The Cavan Town Primary Care Centre, Drumalee Cavan
·        Cootehill Community Services
·        The Cootehill Primary Care Centre
·        Relocation of Day Services in Cavan Town to Lisdaran
·        Hillside Children’s Services, Cavan
·        Renovation of St. Christopher’s Centre, Cavan Town
·        Paediatric Assessment Unit, Cavan General Hospital
·        Commencement of National Cancer Colorectal Screening – Cavan
General Hospital
·        Commencement of planning and design for development of
Virginia Residential Centre
·        Commencement of planning and design for Primary Care Centre
in Killeshandra

Confirmation of capital funding has been received from DoH to the
value of €8m for HSE Cavan & Monaghan.

Profile of Cavan General Hospital.

The current range of acute services is as follows:-

·        Emergency Medicine
·         General Medicine – Including a Medical Assessment Unit
·        General Surgery / Day Case Surgery
·        Obstetrics / Gynaecology including Midwifery Led Unit
·        Paediatrics  – Including a Paediatric Assessment Unit
·        Acute Psychiatry
·        Out-Patient Services
·        Renal Dialysis Services
·        Laboratory Services
·        Radiology Services
·        Intensive Care Unit / Coronary Care Unit
·        Anaesthesia
·        Oncology – outreach service from Mater Hospital Dublin
·        Dermatology (sessional 1 day per week – visiting consultant)
·        Orthopaedics (sessional 1 day a week – visiting consultant)
·        Palliative Care
·        Neurology Clinic

Financial Breakdown of the Cavan Monaghan Budget Allocation:

With reference to Question 3, -(Cavan and Monaghan hospitals will lose
€12.6 million (14.3 per cent) of last year’s funding, leaving a total
budget of €75.2 million, while the Primary Care Scheme for the region
is cut by €11.8 million (12.3 per cent), leaving €84 million.”)Yes
this is correct.

Budget Allocation 2012 for HSE Cavan & Monaghan is €159.2m.  The
budget is allocated as a single entity for the HSE Area of Cavan &
Monaghan, therefore there is no budget allocated on a county basis.
The allocation is received by Acute Hospital Groups and Care Groups
within the Community Setting.

The allocation is further devolved as follows:

Acute Hospital Services                €75.2m
Mental Health Services                 €19,553m
Disability Services                        €23,262m
Primary Care Services                  €28,451m
Palliative Care Services                     811k
SFOP                                         €5,496m
Social Inclusion                              €433k
Child and Family Services               €6,099m

Cost containment measures have been identified and these measures will
have the least impact on service provision.

It should be noted that there will be additional regional funding for
the Acute Hospitals and PCS for the following areas which will benefit
the population of HSE Cavan & Monaghan:

·        Acute Medical Program  funding  for  Acute Hospital
·        Dedicated finding for Stroke care Developments.
·        PCRS/Medical Cards
·        Fair Deal
·        Ambulance
·        Priority Minor Capital

Absenteeism in HSE Cavan & Monaghan Area
Cavan & Monaghan
Absenteeism Summary
Service Unit
Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11  Nov-11
Cavan General Hospital
5.65% 6.78% 5.81%  5.59%   5.75%  5.59%
Monaghan  Hospital
3.65% 4.38%  2.19%   3.19%  3.12%  2.76%
Cavan / Monaghan Primary Community Services         5.28%  5.94%
5.66%  5.11%  5.30% 5.19%

HSE Cavan & Monaghan Area:
Absenteeism information for the period June to November 2011 for Cavan
& Monaghan is shown above.  The figures demonstrate clear improvements
in attendance patterns across the Service Units.  The contribution,
ability and dedication of health service employees is key to the
delivery of quality health and social services in our area.  Promoting
a positive culture of attendance in the workplace benefits the HSE in
terms of increased productivity and improved customer service and also
provides clear benefits for employees.  Local managers in Cavan and
Monaghan will continue this ongoing positive focus on attendance
management into 2012.

Managing Attendance Policy and Procedures:
Absenteeism as a result of illness is managed under the Managing
Attendance Policy and Procedures   This Policy, agreed in consultation
with management and Trade Unions, is designed to identify scope for
improvement in attendance levels and to find workable solutions to
illness absence issues where they arise.  The Managing Attendance
Policy and Procedure is the agreed method for managing attendance in
the HSE.

Dublin North East:
Cavan & Monaghan Service Area forms part of the Dublin North East
(DNE) Area.
The Absenteeism for 2009 for the DNE Area is 5.05%, this decreased in
2010 to 4.70%, the final figure for 2011 is awaited.  (Reference
Health Service Absenteeism Report November 2011)
When all 4 HSE Areas are examined for the above periods, Dublin North
East remains the best performing area in relation to managing