GP Out of Hours Services DDoc and NEDOC for 2012

HSE Response re.

How much funding will be given to each of the co-ops this year and how
much funding was given to each of the co-ops last year?

In line with 2012 budget cuts across all services, both DDOC & NEDOC
will see a budget reduction of 8%. In 2011, the budget allocation to
operate the NEDOC service for pay and not pay (excluding GP payments)
was €2.600 million. In 2012, this will reduce by 8% resulting in a
budget of €2.392 million. DDOC services will also see an 8% budget
cut resulting in a budget allocation of €3.980 million for 2012.

The GPs will continue to be paid at a rate of €45.00 for each GMS
patient seen in addition to income generated from private patients.

Will services be maintained at existing levels in spite of the proposed cuts?
Both DDOC & NEDOC will be required to operate within 2012 budget
allocation. There are no indications at this stage of service cuts.
However, a review of the call handling services in both DDOC and NEDOC
is currently underway. The review will look at the call taking
components of the service with a view to creating greater efficiencies
between the two services in the DNE region.

What is the situation in relation to the proposed changes in driver
hours/practices in the region? Have the planned changes been put into
effect yet?

In NEDOC, due to a reduction in the number of GPs rostered in each of
the four treatment centres, there is a requirement for the HSE to
reduce the number of drivers employed in the service. Going forward
there will be one car/driver for each of the four treatment centres.
Negotiations have taken place under the PSA between management and
unions and the changes to the drivers rosters is being implemented on
5th March and 2nd April across all centres. There are no changes to
driver arrangements in DDOC.