Some staggering stuff here – BRL etc

Notes from CPG for circulation:
(1) Grafton St Scheme = Runs from Kildare St to South Gt Georges St
and Stephens Green to Dame St with Westmoreland/D’Olier included and
the 2 x bridges

– basically a repaving/new street furniture project with ‘pause
points’ at major junctions and a guidance lane for visually impaired
– Grafton St itself is the first piece for Part 8 with the entire
scheme expected to take 5-7 years and €12m currently “earmarked” for
it (although not clear if this will cover the cost)
– the Grafton St bit is estimated at €3.2m and will take 12 months;
hoping to have contractor appointed by end-of-year; block-based
approach being taken to the work to minimise disruption
(2) RE Joe Higgins assertations on Belmayne
– DCC view is that issues highlighted last year and this year are 2
different sets of issues. DCC to issue statement on matter
(3) Ballymun Regen
– Current shortfall of €30m in DoE funding – will result in failure
to complete key infrastructural items if not addressed
(4) Headcount
– 193 left DCC in Jan/Feb and Overall headcount now runs at 5880.
Targetted scheme
– VR scheme approved by Dept for former waste employess – similar to
HSE scheme; not expecting massive takeup
(5) Covanta
– statement already issued – decision due now @ end of August from
Covanta as to whether to proceed (or not). DCC expects the project to
cost €100m for the 4 x LAs and to recoup all of that cost
– EPA report today indicates major landfill capacity issue within
next 12 years but more likely 8 because of issues with a W2E proposal
in Cork
(6) Marketing Dublin
– City Management met ITIC but not a lot to report otherwise.