Public Sector Numbers – Key Figures ( Thanks Vincent Gribben)

Public Service Numbers

·        By 2008, some 320,000 were employed in the Public Service and
by 2009 the gross exchequer pay bill peaked at over €17.5bn.
·        The total net cost of the public service pay bill will be
reduced from 2008 to 2015 by some €3.5 billion, or 20% in 7 years

·        The Government is committed to reducing public service
numbers to 282,500 by the end of 2015 as part of its reform agenda.
·        The latest information from across the public service
indicates that 7,464 people applied to retire in the first two months
of the year. The sectorial breakdown of applications is health, 2,567;
education, 2,058; Civil Service, 1,236; local authority, 931; defence,
362; and Garda, 310. This gives a total of 7,464.

The fact is there is no incentivised scheme, 87% of those retiring in
the civil service are over 60 with full service the remaining 13% are
generally mid to late 50s, retiring on reduced pensions.

Pensions Bill

·        These people who are retiring this year from the public
service are retiring on average pensions of €27,000.

·        The cost in 2012 of all public service pensions for over
120,000 pensioners are estimated to cost €3 billion, this is an
increase of €100m over 2011.

·        The paybill on the other hand by the end of 2012 is set to be
€2.2bn lower than the peak in 2009.

·        When account is taken of the Pension Levy, the net cost of
public service pay will be over €3bn less than peak levels.