Sean Gallagher – the ghost of Fianna Fail

Sean Gallagher was in reality a proxy Fianna Fail candidate for the
Presidency. He raised funds and had recently been a member of the
National Executive of Fianna Fail. That is his prerogative. But an
Independent in the normal sense of the word? I don’t think so.

RTE should apologise for the incompetent management of a bogus tweet.
Even if a researcher suggested a more cutting and nasty question to a
member of the audience at a TV debate, that is not a crime because the
candidate has an opportunity to respond. That Gay Mitchell, McGuinness
and Michael D may have not directly created any jobs in the private
sector is not a crime and Gallagher could have pointed this out. Mary
Davis may have been on State Boards but aggregating many years
stipends together is a type of illogical nasty begrudgery.

RTE should learn that bias flows from the Montrose theatre on a
constant basis. Listen to Joe Duffy as the common man and do the
Maths. Listen to Pat Kenny as the Broadcasting Solomon and do the
Maths. Listen to Marian Finucane as the Saturday view and do the
Maths. Lessons from Kevin Reynolds and Sean Gallagher should be
learned about fairness and evidence based broadcasting unless the
ghost of Josef Goebbels has made a surreptitious return.

Then do the Maths for the private radio sector and go ouch.

Scott Williams, John Bowman, Michael Reid, Eamonn Keane, Sean
Moncrieff, Karen Coleman, Jonathan Healy, Orla Barry, Patrick
Geoghegan and many others are just as good as RTE stars but are in the
halfpenny place when the numbers are counted. I am not talking JLNR.

So Sean, give Michael a dif out. He needs your charm.Your party needs you.