Merv the Swerve RIP 65

Great player. Swansea, London Welsh, Wales, Lions.38 caps for Wales
and 8 for Lions.

Watched him in Lansdowne and at the Arms park

1970 – Good day out.

Ireland 14 Wales 0

Tom Kiernan 1 Pen, 1 C JPR Williams
Dixie Duggan 1 try Keith Hughes
Barry Bresnihan Billy Raybould
Mike Gibson John Dawes
Billy Browne Stuart Watkins
Barry McGann 1 DG Barry John
Roger Young Gareth Edwards
Syd Millar David LLewelyn
Ken Kennedy Jeff Young
Philo O’Callaghan Denzil Williams
Willie-John McBride Delme Thomas
Mick Molloy Geoff Evans
Ronnie Lamont Dai Morris
Fergus Slattery Denis Hughes
Ken Goodall 1 try TM “Merve the Swerve” Davies

1972 —- Wales chickened out


Ireland 9 Wales 9

Tony Ensor 3 pens JPR Williams
Vinnie Becker JJ Williams 1 Try
Mike Gibson Ian Hall
Dick Milliken Alex Finlayson
Pat Lavery Clive Rees
Mick Quinn Phil Bennett
Johnny Moloney Gareth Edwards
Ray McLoughlin Glyn Shaw
Ken Kennedy Bobby Windsor
Sean Lynch Walter Williams
Bill McBride Alan Martin
Moss Keane Geoff Wheel
Fergus Slattery Dai Morris
Shay Deering Terry Cobner
Terry Moore Merve the Swerve


Wales 32 Ireland 4

Tony Ensor JPR Williams
Tom Grace Gerald Davies 1 T
Dick Milliken Roy Bergiers 1 T
Mike Gibson Ray Gravell
Wallace McMaster JJ Williams
Billy McCombe Phil Bennett
John Moloney Gareth Edwards
Ray McLoughlin Charlie Faulkner
Ken Kennedy Bobby Windsor
Roger Clegg Graham Price
Moss Keane Alan Martin
Bill McBride Geoff Wheel
Fergus Slattery Terry Cobner
Mick Sherry Trevor Evans
Willie Duggan 1 T Merve the Swerve


Ticket price £3

Ireland 9 Wales 34 (YES thirty four in Lansdowne)

Tony Ensor JPR Williams
Tom Grace JJ Williams
Pat Lavery (sub Larry Moloney) Steve Fenwick
Mike Gibson Ray Gravell
Wallace McMaster Gerald Davies 2 T
Barry McGann 3 P Phil Bennett 1 T 3 Pens 3 C
Donal Canniffe Gareth Edwards 1 T
Phil Orr Charlie Faulkner
Johnny Cantrell Bobby Windsor
Philo O’Callaghan Graham Price
Moss Keane Alan Martin
Ronnie Hakin Geoff Wheel 1 P
Shay Deering Tom David
Stuart McKinney Trevor Evans
Willie Duggan Merve the Swerve

That sums up the pain of watching Merve the Swerve play for Wales.

Some great characters there. Philo – ” You’re boring O’Callaghan.
You’re not very entertaining yourself ref”

Fields of greats. Look at the names on the Irish teams that were
gubbed by the Welsh. OMG. That Welsh team were truly great.- The
Crowing Years. And well they might. Ireland should have won 2 of the
last 3 against them – REFS

The Elysian Fields now include Ken Goodall, Barry Bresnihan, Mossie
Keane, Shay Deering, Ray Gravell, Merve the Swerve,