Household charge – Whats up?

Household Charge – Dublin City Council

The Household Charge was introduced in 2012 as part of the EU/IMF
Programme. The charge is €100 per household payable by 31st March.
Householders who pay after this date incur penalties.

Payment and registration can be made on line, by post, by phone to the
LGMA bureau (Ph: 1890-357357 or 01-2224000), or in cash at a nominated
local authority office. Cash payments in Dublin City Council are
accepted at the Customer Services Centre, Civic Offices from 9.00am to
5.00pm. These payments are receipted but not registered.

From today (27th March), applications will be accepted at the City
council’s Local Area Offices as follows:

Cash payments will not be taken at the local Area Office – they
will be referred to the Customer Services Centre, Civic Offices, Wood
Quay, Dublin 8

Queries around completion of the application form on issues such
as PPS Number, Water Supply, Drainage Supply will be dealt with by
Area staff.

Other issues will be referred to the LGMA Bureau (Ph: 1890-357357
or 01-2224000).

When the applicant is satisfied that the form has been completed
to their satisfaction, the form should be enveloped by the applicant
and inserted into a post box held for household charge applications.

The applicant will be issued with a note acknowledging that an
envelope has been left for transmission to the LGMA bureau.

Each Area Office will make arrangements to return envelopes received
each day to the Customer Services Centre, which in turn will forward
all envelopes to the LGMA Bureau.

The Customer Services Centre at the Civic Offices, Wood Quay will be
open on Saturday 31st March from 9.00am to 5.00pm to accept
applications with a cheque, bank draft or postal order payable to
“Household Charge”. Cash payments will also be accepted.