Mahon is not the Tribunal Pope. He is not infallable in his beliefs. Here is one that is a little dodgy to say the least.

On page 1755 the report states: “Cllr Hannon told the tribunal that in
November 1992, during the course of the general election campaign, he
received an unsolicited payment in cash from Mr Dunlop. Cllr Hannon
said that Mr Dunlop telephoned him and made an appointment to visit
him in his home, without explaining the purpose of his visit. Mr
Dunlop called to Cllr Hannon in his home and handed him an envelope in
which there was either £500 or £1,000 in cash.

“Mr Dunlop claimed to have no recollection of the payment, or of ever
visiting Cllr Hannon in his home, or of even knowing his address.

“Cllr Hannon said that he viewed the payment of either £500 or £1,000
from Mr Dunlop as a political donation, and, according to his letter
to the tribunal of 2 May 2000, it had ‘nothing whatsoever to do with
any vote I cast as a council member of Dublin Co Council at any time’.

“In spite of Mr Dunlop’s denial of making any such payment to Cllr
Hannon, the tribunal was satisfied from Cllr Hannon’s own evidence
that he had received either IR£500 or IR£1,000 from Mr Dunlop in
November 1992. While there was no evidence to suggest that the payment
was in any way directly connected to Cllr Hannon’s support within the
county council for any particular rezoning project, the tribunal
believed that Cllr Hannon must have known, at the time he received
such a payment from Mr Dunlop, that this payment was given in the
context of Mr Dunlop’s ongoing involvement in a number of rezoning
issues, albeit in the course of an election campaign. In those
circumstances, the payment was corrupt.”

Does this make any sense? There was no evidence against John Hannon
other than what he himself told the tribunal. Clearly, he was not
seeking to indict himself, nor was he accused by anyone else. The
tribunal could find no evidence of any wrongdoing of the kind it was
established to uncover, and yet it decided the payment to Hannon was
corrupt. The word “corrupt” is now attached to John Hannon’s name as
though superglued to it.