Declan Ganley

I attended a debate on the Fiscal Compact last week. Michael McDowell
of Gonzaga fame, Brian Hayes of the Workers party Ard Fheis (visitor),
Eamonn De Valera (O Cuiv) and Declan Ganley gave formal speeches.
Michael McDowell spoke of trying to steer a middle way in Europe.
Brian Hayes have a rattling speech on why it is inĀ  the national
interest to vote Yes. I have a great respect for Hayeser. He is a good
minister and my mark for him is 80%. Declan Ganley gave a spirited
outline of why he is a Eurofederalist. He wants an Eurowide elected
President and a Senate similar in powers to the US Senate. I agree
with him. Marc Coleman organised it through his National Forum. I went
along to listen and to disagree with the undertone of nationalism and
self-interest. Listening to Ganley is very interesting. He is a good
speaker and thinks clearly. Eamonn O’Cuiv is a former minister and is
clearly intellectual. This man has great analytical ability. Fianna
Fail will be ill-advised to ignore his talent.