Transform Lowry into a modern day Ballinrobe Boycott. It is the real answer to that sliveen. There is no excuse for pretending that he was anything but an abuser of power.

There is a world of a difference between Michael Lowry and Denis
O’Brien. I see Denis O’Brien as a force for positivity in Ireland. His
business in the Caribbean and in North America is so big that living
in Ireland is probably not the best thing for him . But moving as a
tax exile was demeaning and lowers his standing among people like me.
This may no longer be the case. He is obviously a decent man and
Fergus Finlay makes that clear. I disagree with him on Independent
News and Media. I think that he should have ignored Tony O’Reilly and
Co. Why waste money on a joust, especially in the hundreds of

Denis O’Brien is responsible for shuffling millions of euro into
Ireland. It is up to the government to set rules to limit media
ownership. This is an issue of principle not ad hominem.

I talk to Mick Bailey when he rings me. I would talk to Denis O’Brien
if I meet him. The government should and must talk to him. It is in
the people’s interest even if it annoys Joan.

Captain Boycott and Ballinrobe should be the political response to
Lowry.Enda Kenny must know that. He should ask his cabinet to take
note and act accordingly.