$800 Million Target for Romney Campaign and Republican Committee. Unbelieveable sale of an election!

April 16, 2012, 6:43 pm


A new joint fund-raising initiative between Mitt Romney and the
Republican National Committee will aim to raise $800 million by
November, part of what Mr. Romney’s campaign estimates will be a total
of $1 billion spent in an effort to defeat President Obama.

The goals were laid out in a memo circulated by Mr. Romney’s top
fund-raisers in recent days and on a conference call with donors late
last week. The memo indicates that Mr. Romney’s top aides are aiming
to collect roughly $500 million combined for the campaign and for the
joint fund, known as Romney Victory, through a program for high-dollar

They are also hoping to bring in $300 million in low-dollar donations,
an area in which Mr. Romney has lagged well behind other Republican
candidates and Mr. Obama but in which the R.N.C. has performed
relatively well. The campaign also estimates that “super PACs” and
other outside groups will spend an additional $200 million in the
race, according to the memo.

People closely involved in Mr. Romney’s fund-raising efforts said last
week that they expected the campaign’s share to total about $600
million. Much depends on Mr. Romney’s ability to win the allegiance of
hundreds of top Republican “bundlers” – those who raise money on
behalf of a campaign – who did not commit to a candidate during the
nominating contests. And it is common for campaigns to understate the
fund-raising targets they circulate among top fund-raisers, to beat
expectations down the road.

Republicans have suggested that Mr. Obama, who raised about $750
million during his first run for president, will ultimately raise $1
billion for his re-election effort, a figure that the president’s
campaign has vigorously disputed.

The $800 million total includes about $86 million that the memo says
Mr. Romney has raised during the Republican primary. Mr. Romney
reported raising $75.6 million through the end of February, suggesting
that his campaign has taken in roughly $10 million since the beginning
of March. The R.N.C. raised $13.7 million in March, the committee’s
best month of the cycle so far.

But Mr. Obama and the Democratic National Committee raised $53 million
during the same month, part of a well-oiled joint fund-raising
operation that started up last spring and has staged more than 100
major fund-raisers. That figure, which includes money the D.N.C.
raises on its own, was announced by Mr. Obama’s campaign manager, Jim
Messina, in a video posted on the campaign’s Web site early Monday.

Mr. Messina said in the video that 567,000 people donated to the
campaign in March, and that the average contribution was $50.78.
“This really is how this works,” Mr. Messina says in the video.
“People building this organization 5 or 10 bucks at a time to take on
Mitt Romney.”

He did not disclose how much money the campaign gathered in small
checks versus large ones, or give a breakdown of the $53 million
describing how much went into the campaign, which can take a maximum
of $5,000 from each donor, and the Democratic committee, which can
raise $30,800 from each donor each year.

More complete figures — along with detailed records of how much the
campaigns and the parties spent in March — are due to be filed with
the Federal Election Commission by April 20.