The Reilly File – Comments on THE meeting.


At the meeting with Dr James Reilly with the other three HSE Forum
Chairmen, I was surprised by Dr Reilly. He was obviously right on top
of his subject. He was articulate and coherent in philosophy, outlook,
intentions and plans.

My impressions were that the Mater/Vincents axis would continue and
develop. That St James would be the hub for the mid Leinster area of
Tullamore/ Portlaoise. That small hospitals had a role that would
insure maximum possible patient safety. That Roscommon was busier now
in patient terms than it was when it had an emergency department. That
primary care would be developed even using US/UK/Asian investors with
hundreds of millions of € available for investment. That GPs, physios,
pharmacists etc could buy into their own building and centre. That
services would be provided at the least level of complexity. That
ingrowing toe nails would not be done in hospitals but at GP primary
care. (Count me out there personally!). That consultants should work
harder and more efficiently to get through patients. That Directorates
would lead the way to change in medical services. That money was tight
and that primary care would be rolled out to deal with long term
illness. That Kathleen Lynch would be given the space to do her job.

That local democracy was inportant and that the Forums would continue
as an important local lobby and service. That hospital Boards would no
longer include staff members but only those with specific
competencies, That there would be an overarching hospital board with
local interests and politicians involved. That trusts would be set up.
That HIQA would licence all facilities including GP surgeries.

There are various flaws in some of these plans which I will outline
over the summer.