Cavan- Monaghan Hospitals

Cavan Monaghan Hospital Group

Cavan Monaghan Hospital Group operates across two sites (Cavan General
and Monaghan Hospital) with all acute care provided in Cavan General
Hospital. Services provided on the Monaghan site include a Minor
Injuries Unit, 20 rehabilitation and 6 step-down patient care, day
medical services, day surgery, outpatient services and laboratory and
radiology services.

The 2012 Service Plan for the Cavan and Monaghan Hospital Group
requires a reduction in planned activity, costs, agency staff usage
and staff absenteeism. Cavan Monaghan Hospital Group is focused on
providing safe services within the allocated budget (€75.2m for 2012).

The local Public Service Agreement (PSA) Implementation Group has
supported the delivery and reconfiguration of the following services
in Cavan Monaghan Hospital Group:

– 2011: MIU Monaghan Hospital
– 2012: Laundry, Cavan Hospital
– 2012: Catering Centralisation Monaghan

Priorities for Cavan Monaghan Hospital Group include the continued
focus on waiting time targets and implementation of the Acute Medicine
Programme which will improve patients access to the services and
increase the quality of care they receive.

A recent key development saw the establishment of a Genito Urinary
Medicine Service on the Monaghan Hospital site in 2011. Cavan Monaghan
Hospital Group is increasing the volume of patients from Cavan and
Monaghan area who require day case and diagnostic procedures to the
Monaghan Hospital site.

In Cavan General Hospital an enhancement to the Ophthalmology Service
will be progressed with the appointment of an Ophthalmology Surgeon
and a dedicated nurse specialist commencing in the summer of 2012.
This service will initially consist of out patient clinics in Cavan
General Hospital and will at a later date include Ophthalmology Day
Care procedures.

The only saving since 2010 has been the reduction in hours in the MIU
in Monaghan in 2011.  The saving from 1st Nov 2011 to 30th April 2012
was €196,996