National Health Care Charter

Presentation on the National Healthcare Charter
Ms. June Boulger, National Advocacy Unit, HSE gave a detailed
presentation to members on the National Healthcare Charter.  Members
welcomed the presentation and congratulated Ms. Boulger on a very
impressive presentation.  Members praised the idea behind this
initiative and welcomed the opportunity for the public to have an
outlet for their feedback to their experiences in the health service.
Members raised some issues relating to concerns regarding how this
initiative will be developed and how it will incorporate children’s
experiences.  Members also raised issues concerning communication
skills of Consultants, lengthy waiting times for initial assessments
and at Emergency Departments.  Members requested that Ms. Bougler
might return in the future to update them on the progress of this

Senior management responded to the queries and concerns raised by the
members and it was agreed that members would be kept updated on the
ongoing developments in relation to the various concerns they had