Mick Wallace TD and Tax Settlement

My opinion is that Mick Wallace was elected in Wexford even though
people knew of the €40 plus millions he owed the banks with not much
to cover the debt except bankruptcy. So all the earnest and
self-righteous bleating from politicians leaves me less than
impressed. The electorate must have the final say. If they want to
re-elect Mick Wallace in Wexford, that is their prerogative. Wallace
claims that he falsified VAT returns to save his company. He found out
just how futile this was in reality. In the greater scheme of things,
my judgement is that Mick Wallace is in credit in Irish society. The
presumption is that he has no secret cache of money off-shore. He
employed many people and did a lot of good in society.

Will Mick be given the shepherds crook or the Lowry treatment? Time will tell.