Nigel Owens

Nigel Owens is my preferred Referee of all referees. I think he and
Alain Roland are excellent. On Saturday at Christchurch, I thought and
think that Nigel was wrong to penalise Ireland in the scrum on the
left of the New Zealand defense about 5 mins from the end of the game.
The ¬†Irish 8 had the shove on NZ and Nigel’s audible comment that the
back 5 were wheeling the scrum was an eccentric judgement.

Whether the 2 scraggers of Eoin Reddin were offside after the O’Brien
touch in the in-goal area – I simply don’t know but the scrum!!! Nigel
– you got that wrong and it had very bad consequences for Ireland and
the 22 at the game never mind 50 year followers like me.

Ireland should have beaten NZ in 1965 I think when Don Clarke kicked
the toe cap penalty from anout 40 M at the East Stand side at
Lansdowne, In 1973 when Tom Grace scored,  and when gatland was coach
and he failed to use Trevor Brennan from the bench to shore up David
Humphries dodgy tackling which was exploited by NZ to recover.