The story of the Father Drąsius Kedys who faught for his daugter who’s mother was “selling” her to pedophiles

The story of the Father Drąsius Kedys who faught for his daugter who’s
mother was “selling” her to pedophiles shook not just lithuanian people but
people around the world. Father was killed because LOTS OF very high profile

We want to bring your attention to the biggest child mulestation case in
Lithuania. It all started October 2009 when Drasius Kedys’ 5 year old
daughter told him that her mother takes her and her 8 year old cousin to an
apartment with 3 men who molested them and the little girl used to see how
her mother gets paid and leaves. Drasius Kedys turned to the police, but 2
out of those three men who his daughter was talking about was a well know
business man and a judge, therefore corupted police ignored the complaint.
Drasius Kedys brought media’s attention to it and a year later the judge and
8 year old girl’s mother were found shot outside their houses at the same
morning. Drasius Kedys was blamed for it and since he has gone missing after
the incident, police decided that it was him who killed those 2 people.
Media has brought people’s attention to the evidence that police was using
against Drasius Kedys, most of them did not match. A month ago Drasius Kedys
was found dead in Kaunas, Lithuania. And now the custody of his daughter has
been given back to the mother, the one who was selling her 5 year old
daughter to pedophilles. Since the corupted Lithuania’s government wouldn’t
do anything about it, people can not feel safe in their own country. The
whole nation has been shocked by this decision to give a little girl back to
her mother when the case of girl abuse is not even finished. Hundreds of
people are standing at Drasius Kedys sister’s house and are protecting the
small girl form pedophiles, because people know: if the girl goes with her
mother, she will be killed as her father was killed a month ago, because the
Drasius Kedys’ daughter is the witness and can tell and recognize the
pedophiles, who were raping this small girl. They say, that some pedophiles
are the agents of Lithuanian Security Department, and the Lithuanian
Security Department is protecting them from disclosing (course they are in
high positions in court and other institutions), that’s why they killed
Drasius Kedys, a father of raped girl, and can kill the small girl as well.

Even if for five years Lithuania has been the Member of the European Union
and NATO, and it should be a legal and democratic Republic, truth and
justice are still imprisoned in deep nether of Soviet thinking and
corruption. 20 years passed after announcement of the Independence of
Lithuania, but we may see terrible injustice and corruption prospering in
law enforcement institutions. It is possible to justly state that it was
much easier to destroy the Soviet Union than to make procurators and judges
of Lithuania to perform their work – make justice, but not serve criminals.
We apply to you because presently you, dear journalists, are our one and
only hope to find justice and right a wrong. Only International publicity
can now help us to save a little sexually abused girl, a five-year old
Deimante, and to place the people who raped the girl, Lithuanian politicians
and judges, in prison, a place they deserve. ”A year ago my (at that time)
four-year old daughter Deimante let out a secret to me, her father, that she
did not like that Andrius visiting her mother used to lick her. After
divorce, the girl lived with me. I asked her how to understand that. My
daughter told me that a man visiting her mother, called Andrius, used to
lick her, pull and push his “sysalas” (the word the girl uses to name male
reproductive organs), and, after “the cream” dripped out (sperm), he used to
shout out loud. Then, Andrius used to cover my daughter with that “cream”
and carry her to the bathroom to wash. According to my daughter, her mother
usually left her alone with the stranger. Andrius used to give mother money.
And mother used to leave her daughter with that pedophile. As Deimante told
me, sometimes Andrius (Member of the Board of one political party) used to
come not alone – he was with his friends Jonas (as it turned out later,
Judge of Kaunas County Court) and Aidas (it is still not know who he is).
After I found out that mother used to sell her daughter to pedophiles, I
applied to Kaunas Prosecutor’s office. An expertise was performed during
which it was determined that the girl “can correctly understand certain
significant to the case circumstances and testify. En excessive tendency to
fantasize was not determined”. During interrogation in Kaunas County Court
on 9 June 2009, a five-year old Deimante testified that Andrius not only
used to lick her various body parts, including intimate, but also to pop his
“sysalas” into her mouth several times in a row. Because of this, her mouth
ached.” – this is a part of the fathers’ pledge to journalists around the
world. Nobody was interested, nobody has done anything… On 05-10-2009, the
Kaunas County Court judge Jonas Furmanavicius and the aunt of little girl
Deimante were shot to death. The father, Drasius Kedys, was declared wanted
and soon became “a hero” in Lithuania. Soon, some officials of Poland have
issued a statement that if Drasius was to come there and ask for asylum –
they would grant it and would not surrender him to Lithuanian authorities.
UPDATE 17-04-2010: A body of Drasius Kedys was found near the Kauno Marios
(Lagoon). As weird as it may seem – after strong rain the area was covered
in puddles of water and sleet, but Drasius’ shoes were clean, although the
official position of the Lithuanian Government is that he got drunk, walked
to the location of where his body was found and “choked on his own puke”.
Near the body, a bottle of Lithuanian vodka was found and a handgun (IZ
Baikal), from which the Kaunas county judge Jonas Furmanavicius and Violeta
Naruseviciene were shot. The body of Drasius Kedys had obvious marks of
violence on it – the face was beaten, but the official “post-mortem
examiner” has not found any “signs of violence”. One of the most experienced
PME in Lithuania, hired by Drasius’ family was not allowed to take part in
the PM examination even on the rights of an observer. UPDATE 14-05-2010: A
court has reached a decision to return the little girl to her mother – Laima
Stankunaite. Andrius Usas has a case pending in court for molestation of the
little girl, but it seems like the case is built in such a way, that a four
year old child has been seeing Andrius Usas herself, without the help of her
mother. Since the molested child currently lives with her aunt (also a
Kaunas County Court Judge), people from all over Lithuania started gathering
by their house in order to protect the little girl from enforcing the
courts’ decision.

Your best involvement would be publishing the facts You will find worth
publishing. Last night the group of people demonstrated at the Lithuanian
Embassy in London, the protest was held in Chicago, USA too. BBC and CNN are
planning to put the light on the events this week: BBC – Tuesday 2: 15 pm,
CNN – Wednesday 3:30 pm. Lithuanian time. Your involvement may help to get
the world the better place to live in. At least for ONE GIRL and her
numerous Lithuanian supporters all over the world. The fact that at this
stage supporters are not only Lithuanians brings Hope. You will not find a
lot of information in official Lithuanian web sites or newsapers as all the
information they issue shows the tendency to support the highly ranked
abusers, most mass media highly ignore the case when it comes about the
TRUTH. There are so little journalists that are standing for the real truth.

That’s why Lithuanian society is asking for help of international
journalists and international human protection organisations: press our
President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, the Chairman of
Parliament Irena Degutiene, the Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius not to get
the Drasius Kedys’ daughter to the hands of pedophiles – IN THAT WAY THE

14 of May 2010 around 4:30pm near the house came police and member of court
to give a document to family of little girl’s (aunt, the sister of D. Kedys
)but big group of people who came to save little girl didnt let them go
inside the house and a girl is still safe! Currently, there people gathering
around the house where the little girl is staying in order to protect her
from returning to her mother. So we are asking you for help in this case. We
need someone to step in and help us to shut this pedophile clan down and
bring justice to this girl. Her fathers wish was to never stop fighting for
his girls well-being and he is gone! The Lithuanian authorities are not
doing their job right. There is corruption going on and it becoming
impossible to fight them! Please, get involved!
People are coming from diferent cities from all Lithuania to Kaunas, Kloniu
str ,number 7, Garliava, Lithuania. There are rumours that it is planned to
take the girl by force using the special forces and then she will vanish
with her mother abroad where no one will ever hear from them again.
The family of D. Kedys launched a website to gather people to help them
fight the fight that their son, brother and father started.

*Lithuanian people need your help!!!!! The foreign journalists helped to
Lithuania in 1991-01-13, when the soviet tanks crashed our people, now we
need your help to fight the pedophiles’ clan and save the life of Drasius
Kedys daughter. *


*Europe is so proud of the Human Rights and promote it to its heights, gay
rights are being defended with a big bang and when it comes to the rights of
our small powerless children… WHY ARE YOU SILENT EUROPE???*

There are some pictures and video. Please write about this story. WE need
your help!

The pictures and all the information bellow are collected by people who
joined a group on facebook (STOP pedofilijai Lietuvoje!) from the media to
bring attention to international media so that some one would help us to
solve the matter of this horrible incident.

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