Bogus Medical Certs – Sunday Times story by Siobhan Maguire

The story in the Sunday Times is that only 3 out of 10 GPs refused a
bogus sick cert for someone purporting to want a day off to go to a
wedding when an employer had a change of mind and refused a day off to
attend a wedding. The “cool clean hero” answer to this story is that
no GP should issue such a cert. My view is that no GP or other doctor
should ever issue a “bogus” cert where there is no knowledge of the
patient. So people never seen before should not be able to obtain such
a cert.

However, the doctor is the person who has to make judgements on the
totality of a persons life both physical and psychological. Some
people ask that the real cause of inability to attend work should be
disguised from an employer due to embarrassment or other factors such
as low grade bullying. We do not live to work, we work to live –
subtly different.

The comment in the article that the journalist was not examined is a hoot.

The Irish College of General Practitioners should issue some guidance
in principle on certification and deal with issues of confidentiality
and obfuscation in the interests of patients.