The Reilly File – Dr Martin Connors and Ms Eliz Nixon

Dr Connors is a special adviser to the Department of Health’s Special
Delivery Unit and is paid €450,000 over three years through a company
Value Based Health Solutions which is registered in the UK.

Liz Nixon has a three years contract of €492,000 paid through a UK
company Liz Nixon Associates to work for the Special Delivery Unit in
Hawkins House.

Dr James Reilly has claimed the number on trolleys is down 20% this
year partly due” to the hiring of internationally recognised expert

These appointments are fair enough if you accept the premise that
there is no one in the republic who has the courage and guts to shake
up the system and achieve some constructive changes. I do not accept
that proposition. Binning the common contract for consultants and
maximising freedom of information is the first issue that needs to be
tackled. But we will fudge on with group-think and group action and
don’t upset the horses or the medical club or moire particularly the
administrative bruderbond that rules the HSE.

Paying people in effect in another jurisdiction is not best practice
for an Irish government department.