Abortion in Netherlands and Irish women

Further to Monday’s Regional Health Forum Committee meeting, members
(I did) requested information in relation to the number of women
giving an Irish address at Abortion Clinics in the Netherlands. We
contacted the Crisis Pregnancy Programme who advised that they do not
have the 2011figure for women travelling from Ireland to the
Netherlands for an abortion as of yet. They have been in contact with
the Ministry for Health in the Netherlands and they were informed that
this data is currently being collated.

However, they did indicate that based on the data from previous years,
this trend appears to be reducing. Statistics gathered by the HSE
Crisis Pregnancy Programme show that the number of women giving Irish
addresses at clinics in the Netherlands fell from 134 in 2009 to 31 in
2010. Attached for your information also is a Press Release from last
year in relation to these figures.