Joe Higgins and Clare Daly – pay them €15,000 in petrol coupons! The Tour d’Irlande de Joe et Clare to commemorate the great fantasists and law breakers of byegone eras..

The Oireachtas Commission said TDs could claim travel expenses for
journeys they had to make “in the performance of his or her duties as
a member of Dail Eireann”.

Unvouched expenses of €15,000 for Ms Daly TD is quite legal and the
furore regarding misuse of such expenses is uncalled for. If travel
expenses are to be used only for travel within a named constituency
then legislate for that.

Hectoring Daly and preening preaching pedant from Kerry are boring
enough without making martyrs of them.

If it is part of the job of a TD to tour the country in favour of no
tax on property – then let them at it. If this is socialism, then Marx
is a lot safer in Highgate.

Am I the only one who flinches when the sonorous “working people”
cliche trips off the tongue of socialist Joe? Now that the
nationalised banks only lend to permanent pensionable public servants
– will Joe now campaign to save the private sector worker. I have
spent most of my life working like hell. Am I a worker or as a medical
consultant – am I one of the enemy?