Cutting local government in Dublin – Local Government Reform Interim Report

The Interim Report of the Local Government Efficiency Review
Implementation Group by the County and City Managers’ Assoc. (CCMA)
shows that €830M in financial savings have already been delivered at
local government level between 2008 and 2012 through efficiency gains
and reductions in expenditure and staff numbers.

Dublin City Council has achieved savings locally of €143 million in
the period 2008 to 2012. This represents 17% of savings achieved
nationally in the local government sector in this period.

John Tierney City Manager points out that “Savings were mainly
achieved through significant efficiency gains, with payroll costs
similarly substantially reduced. Dublin City Council has already
reduced its staffing numbers by over 15 % since end 2008”.

“The focus of all local government reforms is to maximise efficiencies
while minimising impacts on front line services and supporting local
enterprise. Our focus in Dublin is no different. The rate for 2012 has
been determined at 61.19, which represents a reduction of 1.7% on the
2011 ARV. Dublin City Council has reduced commercial rates for the
third consecutive year. In total the cumulative real decreases in
commercial rates over 2010 to 2012 amount to over 7%” John Tierney

Dublin City Council following the success of many of its on-line
services like planning and operational requests, is the lead authority
developing the business case for a national shared service for on-line

Dublin City Council’s commitment to the Government Reform Agenda is
clearly seen by its contribution to the achievements outlined in the
CCMA report and this reform process will now enter its second stage.

The sharing of services across the local government sector holds
enormous potential not only for the delivery of cost savings and
efficiency gains but of actually enhancing the quality and range of
services available to citizens and business. John Tierney states
“Dublin City Council will continue to work with our partner Local
Authorities across the sector to deliver on this.”

Local government is a progressive, cohesive sector that is leading and
delivering reform. The success to date locally has been achieved by
the elected representatives, the staff of Dublin City Council, its
unions and management working together to create greater efficiencies.
However, this is an ongoing process and we will continue to implement
the policies and changes necessary to deliver first class services at
minimal cost.

It is in this context that Dublin City Council would like to thank all
those who have paid the Household Charge to date. While we are
reducing costs to the maximum extent possible income from the
Household Charge is now a vital component of our funding base to
maintain basic services. The Council would strongly encourage those
whose payment is still outstanding to make the payment as soon as