Bill will not operate the guillotine on the Lord Major

So the Lord Mayor’s pay is to be cut again. 25% to 30% in mooted in the Irish Independent report. The Cork Lord mayor is paid €120,700 for the year plus a car and also gets an entertainment allowance. That man is John Buttimer a real gentle man that I met a year ago in Cork when on tour with Collins sleuth Gerry O’Connell.

Naoise O’Muiri, Murrier in East Wall, is on €70,000 for the year plus a car and expenses. Murrier is worth his coin. He is a successful entrepreneur and businessman with a Hons Degree in Engineering from UCG. I asked him to become Lord Mayor in the interests of the city because from January 2013, Ireland holds the Presidencies of the EU. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Dublin as a city of competence and O’Muiri is particularly competent. Of the electedmembers he is outstanding in that regard. Most of the Lords Mayor of Dublin have been impressive in my time as a councillor and the city has been blessed. Each Lord Mayor has a particular style reflecting their characters.

The reason for todays post here is to let you know that I will speak against and vote against any cut to the salary of the Lord Mayor. Having entered into the position and put his career and business on the back burner in the kitchen of life, it is unfair and unreasonable to cut this by 25% to make a false gesture at cost containment. Let the salary be cut for successors when the incumbents can see what theyare getting into.

I don’t expect Naoise to thank me but I will do this anyway. Naoise is too FG cute for that. This is a laugh when the government allows “advisors” to gallop through the salary cap. Where is public service hiding?

Richard Bruton is worth his place in Dail Eireann. Naoise O’Muiri is good enough for cabinet in a competent country! He would have my vote. Richard and himself have no rivals when it comes to quality in Dublin Bay North.