Donal Og Cusack and Jerry Buttimer – Sorry

I would vote for Jerry Buttimer Number 1 if given the chance. I admire
the content of Donal Cusack’s speech in Derry/Londonderry at the Gay
meeting. But I will oppose Gay Marriage by definition because of the
issue of child adoptions. Role modeling is important and I think that
heterosexual adoption should take precedence over homosexuals adoption
unless there are compelling reasons otherwise – IVF, foreign adoptions
etc. That is the reason why I do not think there is equipoise on the
issue even though I have been upbraided by my daughter and some of my
political supporters and friends for this opinion.

Civil Unions should include all “marriage” rights except this – in my opinion.

The Taoiseach should express his own personal views on the issue and
give reasons. Gilmore should drop the hyperbole.

The reason I put this here is that I think that Jerry Buttimer is a
top man and should be supported. I don’t know the Hurler but I give
him full marks for courage and clarity.