I salute Gerry Lovett (GS), Pat McCarthy (GS), and Jim McDonald (RUC)
for not presuming that the behavior of ALL pre1922 policemen (as it
was) was criminal. Society must have a police force and it is up to
the people through politicians to enact sensible laws for enforcement.
Politicians often fail miserably in this task. I had no relatives in
either the DMP or the RIC whatever about the IRA.

But it is a cruel and unusual punishment to ignore to ignore the many
fine men in the Dublin Metropolitan Police and the Royal Irish
Constabulary. Many of the latter went north after the political divide
of 1922.

We in Ireland hold lies and myth close to our hearts.

Horror was committed on all sides in Irish history and no group is
entirely blameless for our history.

The report that the British Home Office had a role in appointing
trustees to look after the RIC plot in Glasnevin Cemetery speaks
volumes for our moral cowardice and lack of confidence as a free

Ireland was NEVER a Gaelic Catholic monolith.