Big Phil Says – now read on (to paraphrase the last Con)

Some weeks ago I decided to suspend between five to 15 per-cent of
monies owed to local authorities in the third quarter.

Pending an improved performance in the collection of the Household
Charge, some local authorities have sought to interpret this decision
as a cut in spending, rather than a suspension of funding.

I will be reviewing this matter at the end of September. If there is a
significant improvement by local authorities in the collection of the
Household Charge, this will have the effect of reducing the deficit in
the Local Government Fund.

This will allow me to positively review local authorities that have
made a major effort to collect this charge.

Accordingly, I am asking each local authority to draw up a plan to
collect all monies owed so that services and funding to community
groups can be maintained.

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely,

Minister for Environment, Community
& Local Government.