Prospect Hill Apartments on Finglas Road. Not Damascus – Not Beirut but unfortunately just Dublin.

Here is a note dated today from a resident of an apartment block on Finglas Road

A quick note as to more damage done to apartments that are lying empty
from teenagers etc from Fairlawn and housing estates around us. The
external damage has been going on for a while , but what’s changed in
the last two weeks is the vandals have gained entry to the block and
wrecked every unit inside – even stripping out some kitchen units,
letting taps run, defecating in some rooms, and of course smashing as
many panes of glass that they can.

Previously, all that was required was to board up the outside broken
windows, now the block is so badly vandalised inside I’m not sure what
the answer is.

Also they are setting off fire extinguishers in lobbys and on cars in
car park due to them befriending one or two of the kids recently moved
in which to be honest are gurriers including their parents who pay
practically nothing for their apartments due to social money… From
me personally I am sick of working hard to earn money to pay bills,
mortgage and management fees to have these disheartening things
happening where I dont feel safe anymore in my own home. 🙁

What are the TD’s doing for the area of Finglas where we live to
encourage safer environments for people to live in.. It is so obvious
the Gardai have been cut so much that living in Ireland itself is
becoming a nightmare with the amount of crimes.