Cape Town Chaos

Cape Town needs leadership, not violence: De Lille
Sapa | 29 August, 2012 14:54

The City of Cape Town needs leadership and not violent confrontations,
Mayor Patricia de Lille said today.

“… the failure to contain anger and channel it democratically is
also a failure of leadership which local government is meant to
provide,” she said.

De Lille was referring to violent service delivery protests in parts
of the city including Khayelitsha.

On Monday, the Cape Times reported that 350 residents of the BM
Section took to the streets to protest over houses and sanitation,
forcing the closure of a section of the N2 highway.

One man was killed during the protest. Police were unsure if he was
hit by a truck or if he was attacked.

A toddler Nhlanhla Ngalo was struck by an out-of-control bus that
crashed through the walls of his home during a protest in the same
area at the end of July. The 20-month-old died three weeks later.

His death was the fourth resulting from the service delivery protest,
the newspaper said.

The bus driver, Sandile Hoko, lost control of the vehicle after being
stoned by protesters. He died, and another shack-dweller was injured
and later died.

De Lille explained that reallocated money for services that had been
destroyed affected other services.

“For all of our redistribution, for all of our budget allocations,
there is only so much money at our disposal,” she said.

“When we have to reallocate money for services that have been
destroyed, we are taking money away from other services. That money is
not replaced.”

The poor communities suffered the most because of this.

She asked that citizens not break what was provided to them as it
would have an effect on them.

“Budgeting with public finances, allocating money to repairs, these
are all long exercises,” she said.

“So when we have to wait to repair R20 million worth of damage to
roads and traffic lights, the wait affects those communities and those
people who need those facilities to safely go about their lives.”