The bell tolls for the beginning of the passing of excellence in Irish medicine.

The cut in consultants’s pay and the stupidity of the new roster to
slavery system will ensure that few Irish doctors will be working here
within 15 years unless this crassness is binned. The system of
clinical directors is fraught with problems. It is a shameful waste of
money to pay 40k + for a position that was voluntary for most of my
career. The difficulty of getting people who are clinically and
academically busy to apply for such positions is clear in practice.

Currently, the greater the medical efficiency, the more the cost and
the greater the budget overrun. As for the rest days. On call 24/7 is
not a great idea. I have done it for years. To have those
indescribables decide that they will just abolish my rights is a clear
indicator of their personal contempt for people like me.

Professionalism is being eroded at a breakneck pace.

The consequence will be mass medical emigration and I believe a
reduction to the mean of the fantastic standard of medicine that I
witness most weeks in Dublin. The star bodies will not be here.

How many jobs at consultant level have no takers recently? How many
jobs have diminishing quality of applicants? The answers are available
and it appears that the Department of Health is unaware of the

Have I confidence in them? You must be joking.

Backbench TDs and advisers will earn more than consultants.