Consultants wrong again about opposition to Childrens Hospital at Blanchardtown which is the best site in my view

The frankly ridiculous bleating of the paediatric medics and the
Rotunda about Connolly site should be ignored. At the new Childrens
Hospital, all of those now working will move there unless retired.
They will find it very easy to get there via the M50 and so will
patients. No specialty will be discomoded. They should realise that
Jim O’Neill, Joe Galvin and Ted Keelan have organised a very efficient
and audit proven tie-up for adult cardiac disese with the Mater.
Beaumont is tied to Connolly and let them tell me that Medicine is not
stellar in Beaumont at the moment. Even the M50 Lab can be placed
there to serve the whole Eastern Region. I do not have a conflict of
interest there regarding laboratory medicine as I will be retired from
the public sector and so will Dr Mayne of Temple St/Rotunda before the
new facility is opened.

Go for it Dr Reilly!