Greyhound Bin Chages in Dublin 2013. Up Up and Away in my beautiful Truckee.

To Each Member of the City Council,

At a recent meeting between the Representative Group of Councillors
and Greyhound Recovery & Recycling executives, Greyhound indicated
that they propose to alter the charges levied for waste collection
with effect from the 1st January 2013. All customers will receive
written notification of the new proposals over the coming weeks. Each
customer will be given a number of options which are set out below:

The payment options in the letters are

a.       Pay Per Lift – a set lift fee for bins, inc an annual charge

b.      Pay Per Month, a set fee per month, no annual charge

c.       A Yearly Charge – One charge for the complete year

d.      Pay by weight, a charge per Kilo, inc an annual charge

At the request of Members of the City Council, Greyhound Recycling has
again agreed to provide a dedicated contact for Members with queries
regarding Greyhound service. The contact details are as follows:

Greyhound Recycling has agreed to make this facility available to
Councillors subject to conditions as set out hereunder:

i) Greyhound Recycling cannot discuss another
customers account with a councillor due to data protection law.

ii) It should be used as a query point of last
resort, customers should be encouraged to contact Greyhound directly
to solve any issues.

iii) If the service is abused or overused for items,
Greyhound will review it in the future.