Clontarf Home Help

HSE Response re. Clontarf Home Help

1. Can you say what measures the HSE has taken in relation to
Clontarf Home Help to deal with issues such as vetting client
complaints etc.- Clontarf Home Care operate a robust complaints
procedure similar to Your Service Your Say operated by the HSE. The
Clontarf Home Help Manager is responsible for complaints. For those
complaints that are not resolved they are escalated to the HSE
Manager for Service for Older Persons. There are no outstanding
complaints that have not been resolved to our knowledge.

2. Has the HSE brought in new management to the organisation? –
Clontarf Home Care is an independent not for profit limited company.
There has been substantial changes to the Board of Management over the
last 12 months. This has lead to significant improvement in the
quality and operation of the service.Bimonthly meetings are now held
to ensure continued improvement of the delivery of the service
between the HSE Manager for Services for Older Persons and the
Clontarf Home Care Board. This includes ongoing review of the Service
Level Agreement and review of complaints and the service in general.

3. How much did Clontarf Home Help receive from the HSE in 2012? –
Clontarf Home Care have been paid €1,089,741 from the beginning of
this year to October 2012.

4. Is the HSE satisfied that Clontarf Home Help is now operating
efficiently? – There are regular meetings with the Service provider
and the HSE is satisfied that it is operating efficiently. An
extensive IT monitoring system has been implemented by the
organisation which is ensuring a better quality and standard of
service delivery.

5. Can you say what is the view of the HSE on whether Clontarf Home
Help delivered the number of hours it was paid
for in 2011. In 2011 Clontarf Home Help over delivered on the number
of hours as per the Service Level Agreement.

A small number of private Home Care Packages were being provided at a
rate that was uneconomic. For example; one Home Care Package, for
which a family was being charged approximately €1500 a week while the
actual economic cost of providing that Home Care Package was over
€3,000 per week. These packages have now been reassessed and are being
charged appropriately.

6. Does it still invoice at the start of the month? Clontarf Home
Care invoice during the month. For example – they would
invoice during October for services provided in September.

7. Can you say if the HSE ever referred any matters arising out of
funding, highlighted in the inquiry report of Dr Austin Warters, to
the gardai. If so, has there been any outcome. No matter has been
referred to the Gardai.At no point in a subsequent investigation
within the service has there been any indication that there has been
any illegal activities with regard to expenditure of HSE funds.