Coultry road opening meeting with Eamon Farrelly and the residents

A meeting took place on the 4th of October with Josephine Basnet 71
wood hazel terrace regarding the opening of the road at coultry park.
There was two residents, three BRL representative, Safer Ballymun
Coordinator and a representative from Hale Housing in attendance at
the meeting. Eamon Farley invited the residents to go through their
issues and concerns regarding the opening of the road. The residents
main issue was the amount of traffic and the speed in which it would
be travelling on the proposed road. Eamon Farrelly said the road
safety would be completed to the standard of Dublin City Council roads
department. Eamon also reviewed potential traffic using that route and
looked at all the different entry and exit points on a map. Eamon also
agreed that the road would be open in a phased process, enabling the
residents to get use to the road been open. The section of the road at
woodhazel would be open last. Eamon Farrelly also informed the
residents that he would be prepared to take into account any future
concerns that the residents may raise regarding the opening of the