Northwest Policing in October 2012


Monday 15th October 2012 at 3.00 p.m.

1. Minutes of meeting held on the 16th July 2012. Agreed.

2. Questions to the Area Manager/Chief Superintendents.

The list of questions was circulated and it was agreed to deal with Garda questions under Local Policing Matters.

3. Presentation on CAILM (Communities Against Illegal
Lending of Money) by Pamela Andison and Marisa Moran.

Noted. Deputy Lyons suggested that the educational aspect might be raised with the Network of School Principals within the NWA.

4. Presentation on Easy Street Project by Hugh Greaves.

Noted. During the debate on this initiative the following issues, inter alia, were raised:

(1) Need to have the project independently evaluated to determine its level of success (it was suggested that Dr.
Mary Murphy, NUI Maynooth might be approached in that regard).
(2) A briefing session for the NWAJPSC members to be arranged by Hugh Greaves for them with the Hosts
(though in a less formal setting than a JPC meeting).

5. Progress on actions agreed and matters arising from the North
West Area Committee Meeting

(a) Correspondence received from An Garda Síochána regarding speed checks on St. Helena’s Road, Finglas.

It was confirmed that speed checks had not detected an undue number of vehicles speeding.

(b) Proposal to extinguish the public right of way between Oldtown Road and Shangan, Dublin 9.

The Area Manager confirmed that works were well advanced in the area and that the public domain
improvements would contribute to greater public safety. There have been no reports of anti-social
behaviour. Eamon Farrelly (BRL) to make further report to C. Lowe.

6. Youth Services Report

The Chair stated that this report was a work in progress and asked members for their comments re recommendations and how they can be progressed.

. J. Bennett stated that in some instances performance/measurement indicators are available nationally.

Priorities are set nationally and cannot be changed locally.
. Deputy Shortall stated that other outcome measurements should be looked at e.g. level of school
attendance, exam results, numbers involved in sport etc.
. Deputy Shortall also stated that the emphasis was on young people, that there was a lack of emphasis
on the role of parents and a lack of parental supports. She also indicated that many projects which had
been piloted in the NWA , had subsequently influenced national policy.
. Cllr Tormey was in favour of targeted outcomes collection and drawing up a hierarchy of interventions.
. The Chair to arrange meeting with both Local Drugs Task Force Co-ordinators and Safety Fora Co-
ordinators s to discuss the report further and to consider possible actions.

7. Lord Mayor’s Commission on Anti Social Behaviour.

Report noted. Former Lord Mayor Cllr. A. Montague thanked everyone who had been involved in drawing up the
report. He referred to the long list of recommendations which he recognised would not be achieved overnight.

He suggested that we try to focus on what we can do and in his opinion the no. 1 priority is early intervention and

The Chair suggested that he meet with Cllr Montague and Hugh Fitzpatrick to try and progress same.

8. Business Representation on the North West Area Joint Policing sub Committee.

Nomination of Mr. Robert Murphy (Ballymun) and Ms. Donna Curry (Finglas) as business representatives to the
NWAJPSC approved. Both to be invited to future meetings.

9. Local Policing

a) Ballymun Garda update.

(previously circulated)

b) Safer Ballymun.

c) Ballymun Local Drugs Task


. C/Superintendent Clerkin explained that countrywide burglary had increased but that Operation Acer had
proved successful in reducing burglary in the Ballymun area.
. Public representative questions in relation to Ballymun were taken at this time.

The Chair welcomed Emma Byrne to the meeting, in her new role as Ballymun Safety Co-ordinator.

. Safer Ballymun taking place next week.
. Anti-social behaviour in Shangan Park is a recurring issue at Safer Ballymun meetings.
. There was a poor attendance at the smaller localised meetings but E. Byrne gave an undertaking to kick
start the process.

Verbal update by Mr. Hugh Greaves – noted. He also thanked Deputy Shortall for her support in the past in her
role as Minister of State.


a) Finglas Garda update (previously circulated)

b) Finglas Safety Forum

c) Finglas Local Drugs Task

Force update


. C/Superintendent Coburn thanked those involved in making Finglas Community Safety Week a success.

. Public representative questions in relation to Finglas were taken at this time.
. Cllr Redmond raised concerns re burglaries in Finglas South and preparations for Halloween.
Superintendent Murphy said that they were aware of issues and particular emphasis would be placed on
certain areas under Operations Acer and Tombola. In addition the FAN project was arranging a day trip
for participants on 31st October.


Verbal report given by Mr. John Bennett – noted.

. Strengthen the Family Programme commenced
. Mental Health/Drug Abuse Seminar on 21st November
. It is a challenge to develop the draft Alcohol Strategy regarding the supply/demand side – DCC and
Gardai have already contributed.

11. City Council update

Noted. M. Taylor to give update on Ballymun CCTV at next meeting.

12. AOB

a) Proposal to extend CCTV cameras to Cardiffsbridge Road and Wellmount Road, Finglas.

Superintendent Murphy confirmed that progress had been made and that the Garda Commissioner had
sent the proposal forward for costing purposes.

b) Procedure to allow the Local Policing Fora to gather information from the local community regarding the
annual application for the renewal of off licences.

It was noted that this is a work item for both Safety Coordinators and the Local Drugs Task Forces.

Cllr Tormey acknowledged the huge effort made by Deputy Shortall in this area. He stated that the Royal
College of Physicians are opposed to alcohol advertising and localised selling e.g. garage forecourts.

c) Proposal to hold a public meeting of the North West Area Joint Policing sub-Committee.

Defer for the moment as number of Safety Fora meetings seem to be meeting this need.

d) Meetings for 2013 scheduled for January 21st, April 15th, July 15th and October 21st at 3pm in the Ballymun
Council Chamber.



NWA Councillors: Paul McAuliffe, John Redmond, Bill Tormey

Anthony Connaghan.

Other Councillors: Andrew Montague

TDs: Deputy Roisin Shortall, Deputy John Lyons.

Officials: Charlie Lowe (Executive Manager), Hugh Fitzpatrick (Senior
Executive Officer), Mary Taylor (Senior Executive Officer),

Clare Caffrey (Senior Staff Officer)

Gardaí: Chief Superintendent Declan Coburn, Chief Superintendent Frank
Clerkin, Superintendent Colm Murphy, Superintendent Paul Moran,
Sergeant Yvonne Murphy, Sergeant Bernard Young.

BLDTF: Hugh Greaves

FCLDTF: John Bennett

Safety For a Ciara Loye (Finglas)

Coordinators: Emma Byrne (Ballymun)

Community Reps: Mr. Tony Byrne (Finglas)

Antoinette Doyle (Ballymun)

Apologies: Cllr Stephen Wrenn

Non Members:

Sligo BoroughCouncil: Pamela Andison, Marisa Moran

Cllr. Paul McAuliffe