Derelict site in Finglas. This problem is not ignored in our area.

With regard 59A Dunsink Drive & discussion re at Area Committee, the
following is the up to date position.

Derelict Sites have served Notices under Section 8 of the Derelict
Sites Act 1990. This resulted in the entry of the site on the Derelict
Sites Register.

The Section 11 Notice – which we recently attempted to serve by
Registered Post – was returned to us undelivered. We will try
re-serving it on the new address for the owner’s Solicitor. We don’t
have a current address for the owner of the site – he is supposedly
now living somewhere in England.

The Section 11 Notice instructs the owner to re-secure and re-board
all opens with painted wooden boards, to remove all graffiti and to
remove all rubbish. The owner will have 2 weeks to appeal the Notice
and – if there is no appeal – a further six weeks to carry out the
works. Failure to comply with the Notice would lead to the referral of
the matter to our Law Department for institution of legal proceedings.

I suggested at Area Committee that I would request a Section 9 Notice
under the Litter Pollution Act 1997 to be served on the owner which
allows DCC to clean the property & bill the owner accordingly. However
as we do not have a current address for the owner this is of no real
assistance at this time & no works could bee carried out prior to

On Sunday last the materials at the side of the property were set on
fire this resulted in the Fire Brigade attending , as there were still
a lot of materials at this location & youths are using it to store
bonfire materials I have arranged for the area to be cleared out &
secured prior to Halloween in the interest of Health & Safety to the
adjoining properties & to youths accessing the site & entering the

I will continue to liaise with Derelict Sites in relation to this
matter on your behalf.