Kennyer is Eurohead of the year. Deo Gratia! I told you all that Kenny is the man over two years ago. He’s doing a good job. So by the way is Richard the IV

‘European of Year’ award for Taoiseach


DAYS AFTER Angela Merkel agreed to revisit Ireland’s “special case”
bank debt, Taoiseach Enda Kenny has been announced winner of a
prestigious “European of the Year” award.

Mr Kenny will be presented with the “Golden Victoria” at a ceremony in
Berlin next month hosted by the German Magazine Publishers Association

The association said the accolade, announced yesterday, was in
recognition of Mr Kenny’s “strong contribution to Europe and
commitment to European ideals both as prime minister and throughout
his many years in public life”.

“In these difficult times, Europe benefits from the open,
outward-looking character of the Irish State and people and from the
calibre of its prime minister, Enda Kenny,” said the VDZ. Association
president Prof Hubert Burda said the award was a nod of respect to the
pro-European attitude of the Irish.

“Ireland’s determined response to the current economic and financial
crisis has been widely respected, particularly in view of the genuine
hardship being experienced by many Irish people. Despite being located
at the western edge of the continent, the green island has always been
at the heart of Europe.”

Next month’s ceremony will be Mr Kenny’s second trip to the German
capital in a week. On November 1st, chancellor Angela Merkel will
receive him for a lunch of “extra sausage”, otherwise known as talks
on the bank debt burden. Work over, he returns on November 8th for a
more pleasurable event: the award ceremony.

For his acceptance speech, Mr Kenny will have the eyes and ears of
Germany’s media elite.

It will be a one-off chance to tell them how the euro crisis looks
from Ireland and give a preview of Ireland’s 2013 EU presidency by
reminding them of a previous presidency.