New teachers: Unfair to them.

As a result of the Government’s decision on public sector allowances,
and the fact that those changes apply to new entrants only, new
teachers will now have a starting salary of €32,294.
This is made up of a starting salary of €30,702 and also an
optional pensionable allowance of €1,592 for supervision and
These changes mean that the starting pay of new teachers will be
approximately €1,500 lower than the starting salary paid to new
entrant teachers last year.
This position gives clarity to new teachers and also is an
improvement on the pay situation of teachers who began employment
since February of this year when a freeze on all allowances was
introduced pending the completion of the review on allowances.
I am satisfied that adjustments made to the pay and allowances for
new beneficiaries is in line with commitments given by Government in
the Croke Park Agreement.
Given that 80% of the current budget in the Dept of Education and
Skills goes on the pay and pensions of teachers, there is very little
room for manoeuvre when it comes to making savings. And unfortunately,
due to the extremely tough economic circumstances facing this country
all areas of major expenditure have to make savings.
Teaching is one of the few areas within the public sector which
does not face a moratorium on recruitment and with a growing school
going population, opportunities for employment remain.
Since September some 355 new primary school teachers and 182 post
primary school teachers have received new contracts. That’s over 530
new posts in the teaching sector
The Minister for Education & Skills has also pointed out that due
to the growing demographics at school level there will be a continuing
need for additional teachers to be recruited in the medium term.