Tolka Area Partnership Internship Service

The Tolka Area Partnership Internship Service continues across our
Finglas and Cabra offices with a number of notable placements over the
month of September with participants securing Internships in
Accenture, Mannings Bakery and ImageNow Consultants. The demand for
Internships is growing steadily as more participants view Internships
as a way of gaining vital skills and experience in their chosen career

The Internship Service aims to provide support to clients in:

identifying how an Internship could add to their skills and
career prospects
practical advice in researching and preparing for application
assistance in approaching potential host organisations for participants
ongoing support throughout the Internship in preparation for the
completion of the placement

If you are interested in exploring the opportunities that Internships
can provide, or are an employer who would like to find out how an
Intern can benefit your company, please contact Fergus Craddock,
Guidance Worker – Special Programmes, at 868 3806 or by email at to make an appointment.

The testimonial below is from a participant detailing their own
Internship experiences.

When I was made redundant last April I thought I would turn a negative
into a positive and use that opportunity to change careers. I had
finished my studies of Accounting Technician the year before but it
was impossible to find a job in that field without experience so I
didn’t know where to start. I had heard about internships but I wasn’t
sure about the way they worked or how and where to apply for one.

On a signing day at my local Social Welfare Office I met the people of
the Tolka Partnership who had set up an information desk there for the
day. We had a chat, I gave them my details and they told me they would
ring me for an appointment. A week later I had my first meeting at
Rosehill House, my questions were answered and I was told about an
Internship workshop that they were running. It was on Thursday
afternoon and all my questions were answered , I learned how
Interships work , what webpages to use when looking for them, how to
design my CV, how to create a cover letter… all the tools that I
needed to start my search.

With all that information in hand it was up to me to do the rest, I
took it very seriously, I was in front of my computer at 9 am everyday
looking at all the internships at the very moment they were being
placed on the net, when I found one that suited my need I started my
research on the company, what kind of job they did, how long they had
been established, who were the owners, what made them different from
other companies in the same sector…and so on. After I finished my
research I wrote my cover letter, always a different one for each
company, telling them why I wanted to work for them and what I could
offer in exchange. It was hard work but it was worth it, I sent 5cv’s
and was called to 3 interviews and offered 2 internships (so I could
even choose!!).

Last and not least the personal interview, I prepared myself and
believed in myself, I was there because they already liked something
about me from my C.V. so I took that chance to sell myself , don’t be
shy, dress smart, be polite and talk! I asked lots of questions and
emphasized my qualities, it was the final step to reach my goal so it
was worth the extra push.

Now I am really enjoying my internship at ImageNow Consultants, I am
learning new skills everyday, and I know that at the end of it I will
be able to apply to any job with the confidence of having the
necessary experience. I am still in touch with the Tolka Partnership
and I know they will be there if I need any help during the process. I
could have stayed at home waiting for a job but instead I am improving
my chances of getting one in the future and I am really loving it!

Maria Dominguez