TÚS Programme

What is the Tús programme & how does it work?

The Tús initiative is a community work placement scheme providing
short-term working opportunities for unemployed people. (19.5 hours
per week at agreed times, dates and locations) The work opportunities
are to benefit the community and are provided by community and
voluntary organisations in the TAP area.

The Tús initiative in this area is managed by the Tolka Area
Partnership with the Department of Social Protection having overall
responsibility for the scheme.

60 places in the Tús scheme have become available in the Finglas,
Cabra, Navan Road, Ashington, Drumcondra, Glasnevin and Botanic areas
during 2011-12 for a period of twelve months.

How does a person start on the Tús programme and who can get involved?

Participants are identified by the Department of Social Protection if
they are currently in receipt of a jobseekers payment for at least 12

If selected for Tús, participants will be referred to by the
Department of Social Welfare TAP) where the process to starting a
placement will begin.

What areas of work do participants take part in ?

All the work carried out by participants in the Tús scheme must
benefit the community. The types of project eligible for the scheme
may include:

Social care of all age groups and people with disabilities

Caretaking, securing, supervising of community buildings and spaces

Renovation of community and sporting facilities, including the
regeneration and enhancement of community, recreation and sporting

Work in support of cultural and heritage activities

Community administration and community event management

Coaching for sporting activities

Is Tús compulsory

Once referral from DSP has been made and the person has selected “Yes”
on the DSP form it is then sent onto to TAP that they wish to engage.
It is compulsory from this point on unless progressing to Education
(fulltime) or Employment (fulltime)

Why should people take part in Tús?

As Tús is a job activation programme, participating on the Tús
programme enables and encourages people to avail of existing services
within TAP. i.e. Guidance services, jobs club, training programmes.
Although anyone can avail of these services, being actively involved
can provide the confidence and encouragement to avail of these
supports. It also provides people with the opportunity to become
involved within their own community.

Feedback from past Tús participants:

“Excellent experience, great to get out, meet people and get some new
work experience. Purpose to get up in the mornings”

50 yr old male – working in a manual type position.

“Been great experience- downside, it’s only for a year, upside, I’ve
gotten a yr part time contract with them”

50 yr old female – working in area of retail (Now shop Supervisor)

“It was brilliant, I’ve gained another year’s work experience – it was
locally based and it’s benefitted my community”

21 yr old female – working in office/reception

“It’s given me the chance to meet new people, do things I hadn’t done
before and have the confidence to look at options for education”