Dublin City Boundary and Local Government Reform. – What’s the Story?

Question to City Manager                        City Council Meeting 05/11/2012


“Has the Manager lobbied recently to get the M50 designated as the Northern Boundary of Dublin City at Dublin 9 and 11?”


“At a meeting of Group Leaders held on the 4th July 2011 it was agreed
that a request be sent to the Department of the Environment, Community
and Local Government regarding an extension of the city boundary to
the M50. The Secretary General of the Department was subsequently
asked to bring the following proposal to the attention of the
Minister, “That the city boundary be extended to encompass that area
up to the boundary of the M50 as per the attached map”. It was
explained that the rationale behind this proposal is that the M50
forms a natural boundary which should be reflected in the area
boundaries. It was also pointed out that Councillors intended raising
this issue with the Minister when they meet him at a later date.

The response received from the Department referred to the Minsters
announcement of a number of structural and other Local Government
Reform measures, and his intention to bring recommendations to
Government for more comprehensive policy decisions on Local Government
structures at regional, city/county and sub county level and that he
will be considering wider proposals to renew and develop the Local
Government system. It was also pointed out that existing City and
County structures will likely for the most part remain in place for
the purposes of the 2014 Local Elections. This general approach is
however independent of consideration of governance in Dublin in the
context of considering appropriate arrangements under which an office
of directly elected Mayor might be established. Implications arising
in relation to local Government arrangements in Dublin were to be
considered in that context. The letter went on to say that without
prejudice to any boundary alteration proposal, the Department
considers that it would be more appropriate to examine this issue in
the broader context of Local Government arrangements in Dublin as
referred to rather than as a standalone application. No further
correspondence has been received from the Department in relation to
the proposal.

The Minster’s recent announcement in relation to Local Government
Reform makes no reference to boundary adjustments at this time.
However in section 11.3.10 of the action programme for effective local
government, “Putting People First”, references are made to the
establishment of a colloquium of the elected representatives of the
four Dublin Local Authorities. This forum will allow shape to be put
on the range of considerations relevant to developing a fully workable
approach and one which is likely to gain support of the relevant
electorate. The colloquium will be convened by the Lord Mayor and
irrespective of the decision in relation to the specific issue of the
office of directly elected Mayor it is envisaged that proposals will
be developed for appropriate metropolitan governance arrangements in
Dublin. This could include the issue of boundary adjustment referred
to in the question.”

Contact:        Vincent Norton, Executive Manager
Tel:            222 2104