Interesting that addicts in Amiens St have to sign a contract not to hang about outside

HSE Media Response re. Addiction Services

HSE Addiction Services deliver a wide range of addiction services
incorporating education & prevention, harm reduction, treatment,
stabilisation, rehabilitation and aftercare support in conjunction
with the Voluntary and Community Organisations nationally as well as
in the Dublin city area.

It is the policy of the HSE to provide drug treatment at the lowest
level of complexity, matching the patient’s needs and as close to the
patients home as possible.

Clients attending City Clinic in Amiens Street  have a contractual
commitment to not engage in loitering or anti social behaviour in or
around the vicinity of the centre. This is monitored by CCTV and
street patrols with daily review at the clinical team meetings. A
number of committees as well as informal networks with the local
business community and residents are also in place. In addition the
addiction service manager for the Northern Area Addiction Service
(Dublin) will now sit on the Dublin City Policing Forum which attempts
to address issues of begging and the impact of drug treatment services
in Dublin city.

There are no plans at this time to move the clinic in Amiens Street.