St James Hospital Dublin and its current planning status

Clarification on Zoning of St. James’ Hospital

Following a number of newspaper articles that appeared in recent days
in relation to the status of the zoning of the lands at St James’
Hospital, Dublin City Council would like to put on record the
following facts;

The zoning of land for particular uses, e.g. Housing, Industry etc, is
a mandatory objective in the making of a Development Plan and
sufficient land must be zoned to meet the future land-use needs of the
city. Z15 Zoning in the City Development Plan enabled the City Council
to provide sufficient lands for institutional purposes including
hospitals close to large centres of population.

Last year the Religious Sisters of Charity took a legal case to the
High Court against Dublin City Council in relation to all the lands
zoned Z15 in the current City Development Plan 2011-2017.  The High
Court concluded that there was an absence of reason to support the Z15
zoning policy as contained in the City Plan and concluded that it had
no option but to quash the zoning.  It should be noted that the High
Court considered that the overall policy approach for these Z15 lands
was justified in principle and that it was appropriate and proper for
the City Council to provide sufficient lands for institutional
purposes.   The High Court ordered Dublin City Council to follow a
specific public consultation procedure to develop an appropriate
planning policy for the lands in question.

As a result of the High Court judgment Dublin City Council has carried
out a comprehensive review of all former Z15 lands in the city, and
concluded that these lands, including those forming the St James
Hospital campus, are an important resource for the city in the
provision of health, education and other community services.

Dublin City Council agreed at a special meeting held on the 8th Oct
2012 that this proposed new Z15 zoning policy should go out to Public
Consultation.  The proposal is currently on public display until the
26th November following which the City Council Members will give
considerations to the submissions received and the Managers Report on
same at a further Special Meeting which is scheduled for the 28th
January 2013.

It should be noted that in the interim planning applications for
development of these lands, the subject of this procedure,  will be
assessed having regard to the established use of both existing and
adjoining lands and having regard to the proper planning and
development of the area.