The Coroners Court is the place for the Galway enquiry in the first instance.

The 1962 Coroners act sets out the duties of the Coroner. It includes
the duty to investigate cases like the Hallapanavar case in Galway to
establish the cause of death and make recommendations to the relevant
authority to limit the chance of a recurrence.

I consider the HSE and the governments response in contempt of the
coronial system and inappropriate. Mr Hannavar should understand that
the Coroner is an independent enquiry and the medical expert witnesses
can be questioned in front of a jury.

I am surprised that the Dept of Justice has not pointed this out and
the AG should have informed the government of this. Basic Citizens
Informatuion states that

“A Coroner in Ireland is an independent official with legal
responsibility for the investigation of sudden and unexplained deaths.
The role of the Coroner is to enquire into the circumstances of
sudden, unexplained, violent and unnatural deaths. This may require a
post-mortem examination, sometimes followed by an inquest. The
post-mortem is carried out by a pathologist, who acts as the Coroner’s
agent for this purpose. The Coroner’s inquiry initially is concerned
with establishing whether or not death was due to natural causes.

The Coroner essentially establishes the “who, when, where and how” of
unexplained death. A Coroner is not permitted to consider civil or
criminal liability; he or she must simply establish the facts. If a
death is due to unnatural causes, then an inquest must be held by law.
The principal legislation that established the role and
responsibilities of Coroners in Ireland is the Coroners Act 1962. The
Coroner’s (Amendment) Act 2005 provides for increased sanctions for
those who refuse to co-operate with the proper conduct of an inquest.
The revised legislation also ends the restriction on the number of
medical and other witnesses.”

Certain deaths must be reported to the Coroner. These deaths include
the following:………………..……Deaths occurring in
hospitals:….Where any question of negligence or misadventure arises
in relation to the treatment of the deceased; Where a death was due to
neglect or lack of care (including self neglect);Where the death
occurred during or as a result of any invasive procedure; etc.”

There can be no doubt of what is appropriate here legally.

Medical Expert Witnesses have a duty to report in an objective manner
to the Coroner. Should any one fail to do so, the Medical Council
should be informed regarding profesional conduct and fitness to

These are the issues as I see them.

Responding to controversy by ignoring the law is no way for a
government to act. The Coroner can sub-poena a nitness to give
evidence. Lets keep this legal and stop the trial by media.