The Dublin Bus Show rumbles on!

On Thurs the 22nd of Nov, Thurs last, R R of Griffith Ave Extn was a
passenger on the 83A coming from Harristown towards Kimmage at
approximately 4.30pm.
Not alone did he fail to go into Tolka Estate but he went straight
down Ballygall Rd East and turned left into Old Finglas Rd. Ruth told
him that there would be many old people waiting to board but he
replied that it didn’t matter.
It matters a great deal that these people who were needlessly deprived
of the service since the 19 was scrapped get this minimal service.
Another driver told a pensioner that the drivers did not want to
continue the 83A service and she is very worried since. A proper type
of timetable should be formulated that would be easy to see for those
with sight challenges.
Taunting the elderly in this fashion is unacceptable!