City Bin and Money

Award winning waste collection company, The City Bin Co., has
today (26 November) announced its entry into the Dublin City Council
waste collection market to compete with head on with Greyhound.

The City Bin Co., who recently announced the creation of 35 new
jobs in Dublin and Galway, has today launched the “See Red” campaign.
The campaign is encouraging households in Dublin City Council to
switch to The City Bin Co.’s three red bins. To coincide with their
entry into the market, The City Bin Co. has announced that the first
5,000 customers to make the switch to them will pay only €99 all-in
for all three bins in 2013.

Gene Browne, co-founder and CEO of The City Bin Co., said that
they are delighted to bring their award winning service to the people
of Dublin City: “At The City Bin Co., we pride ourselves on delivering
a first rate service to our loyal customers. With The City Bin Co. you
will never have to listen to excuses or sad stories, we get the job
done and we do the right job each and every time.

“The people of Dublin City are deserving of a much higher quality
of service from their waste collector than what they have been used

“People have seen red and we are actively encouraging them to
switch immediately to our €99 all in service . We promise to bring a
level of customer service and satisfaction previously unseen by people
in Dublin City. Only two in every thousand customers leave us, so we
are confident of delivering a first rate service for the people of
Dublin City,” Gene Browne said.