James Reilly – I have confidence in his strategy and competence to get much of the job done.

In 2012, I have been at two meetings of the HSE Forum mechanism with
Dr James Reilly, one last April (approx) in Hawkins House and one
yesterday in Kells.

His performance rated about 7 out of 10 in Hawkins House and about 8
yesterday. These are high marks for me. So I have confidence in him.
That is not to say that he does not make stupid political and
administrative mistakes. He does. The Galwegians investigating Galway
for example. The Primary Care Centres , I don’t care about them in any
emotional way. What can get done should be encouraged and what is more
difficult should be recognised as such.

Mick Martin on health? Ask Charlie McCreevey and look at the waste
basket of reports now binned but formerly on the top shelf.