Marian – on – Dodder

President Flood of the PPU making his speech to welcome all the heads
to the lunch at the Aviva – ie Lansdowne.The people from my year in
school that attended were John Ryan – of haddington Road now Galway,
Sean O’Mahony now of Sutton and Louis Magee of Bective. The Banks boys
from Oaklands Park were there.Our respective fathers were best
pals.Churchmans cigarettes killed their dad in about 1963. It is a
great honour to be the guest speaker. I saluted Bro Conleth Doolan, a
francophile with Congolese french (The CONMAN) – call them home
friend! Vivo (Cassells) was in the crowd and a great Meathman is he.
Pat McDonagh a magical English teacher of grammar and syntax, and
criticism of English Prose and Poetry; Peadar Barrett as Gaeilge ( I
was clueless), Brian Nesbitt in chemistry, Bro Fintan a maths genius
who did not teach me often enough which was my loss. He had no time
for mediocrities. I would not have liked to be a teacher of mine. I
was a pain in the ass I’m sure. Big mouth!

It is great to mean Bill Doyle – a veritable gentleman – now retired.

I saluted the gang in the Elysian Fields – Tommy Brennan, Davy Page,
Colm Allen, Brian Langan.

The school was subversive in encouraging the lads to think for
themselves and of course to give the right answers. I do not hold
Marian College responsible for my views. There are many fine
conventional people there!

Thanks all for the honour.